Sunday, 29 April 2012

[Sussi] WebBing's "Sussi's bodyshape" Project: VOL II

I still making conversions for Sussi meshes and now, here I am, with another cutie style from Peggy zone.

Credits are for:
* Sussi!, for her beautiful bodymesh
* JacciRocker, for the mesh that i've used to create this tops and for let me include it.
* Peggy, for textures in outfit.
* Gelydh, for boot textures
* Pooklet & CuriousB for colour actions... 

ATENTION!: I've clasificated this tops into Sussi's category, using the "Bodyshape Organization Kit" (LINK). Now you can see your Sussi's clothes always in the same place at the catalog. You can se a specific icon too, but you need to download the necesary *.package file for this purpose. It is not necessary to see this tops. Here is a picture from CAS:

(alternative link)

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